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Elena Stenkina

Universal Stars Music Competition 2023 Season 4 Artist Award Winner

Elena Stenkina is an acclaimed professional female accordionist who combines music and dancing in one show. 

She was born in the small village of Solovievsk in the Far East of Russia in 1989. She began to play accordion at the local musical school when she was 8 years old.

Elena holds a Master’s Degree in Music. She graduated from the College of Art in Khabarovsk and the Musical University by Ippolitova-Ivanovo in Moscow. 

During her over 15 year successful career in the entertainment industry, Elena has visited more than 40 countries worldwide. 

She was invited to work for world-known companies such as 

  • Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises in the USA, 

  • Nagaworld (largest casino complex in Cambodia), 

  • Grand Moscow State Circus (the biggest Circus in Russia), 

  • Glow Show World Events and Omarian Entertainment in India. 

  • Infoflot and Mosturflot (Biggest River Shipping Companies in Russia)

Elena is the winner of more than 20 prestigious international competitions such as

  • Silver medal at the World Championship of the Performing Arts in Hollywood (2019), 

  • Gold price at the World Classical Music Award (2022), 

  • Grand Prix at the Vilnius International Folklore Competition (2022), 

  • Gran Prix at the Golden Time Talent UK (2023), 

  • Platinum Prize, Technical Mastery Special Award and Artist Award at the Universal Stars Music Competition (2023), 

  • And etc.

Now Elena lives in Philadelphia, PA, USA, and works at the largest accordion store in the world - Liberty Bellows Accordion Shop.

Elena Stenkina
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